Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Batillus digital EP

Regular readers of JS-NYC know of my love of the Batillus. These Brooklyn metal merchants have pummeled their way into my eardrums on a number of live occasions, but I was anxious to get the home version of the Batillus so that I might share the delights with my neighbors.

The Gravel Chime MP3 was a nice teaser, and at a shade over 11 minutes it was longer than a lot of bands EPs we get at the JS-NYC HQ. If you grabbed the MP3 when we posted, you know that it's well worth the time investment. After the slow build, things jump off nicely around the seven minute mark, whereafter one would do well to hold on to one's ass. Go there. The other twenty minutes are filled by a couple of live staples in Make Me An Iron Hand and Kamala, the latter quite a new school doom opus, with pretty quiet parts in its middle section that lend a nice contrast to the heavier portions of the EP.

While there are quiet parts, the dynamic duo of loud and heavy are rarely far away. Space and sludge are dispensed in equal portions throughout Batillus and while there are no vocals (as yet) on the songs here, your inner headbanger and chin scratcher will both be well sated by the end of this half hour cruise. Pick Batillus up for free from the gents here. Word is there will be hard copies coming down the pike soon, but check out their web presence for all your merchandising needs, including some bad-ass poster action.