Friday, January 30, 2009

Aldenbarton debut a gang of new songs at Fontana's

I'm still waiting on photographic proof, but I saw Aldenbarton play with Spray Paint Star at Fontana's last night. I only caught the end of the SPS set, but suffice to say they are representing the Spirit Of '88 in a way that only H20 has in recent years. They aren't hardcore, but the sure love themselves the pop from that era. It was ok, made more notable by the presence of my ex-bass teacher (and Springsteen Seeger band player) Jeremy Chatsky and sometime Sandusky  fill-in drummer Timmy in their ranks. Good guys, and I guess they are opening for They Might Be Giants tonight in Rhode Island, so good on 'em.

Aldenbarton played next, as sort of unknowing openers to a surprise performance from what appeared to be Joe and the Hot Dogs in their Mott The Stupid incarnation. Aldenbarton heated up the room with a couple songs from their I-tunes debut Exodus Of The Eldest, then proceeded to floor everyone in attendance with a gang of new tunes that they've been cooking up in the studio. Good stuff, especially that New England song (not a Billy Bragg cover, douchenozzle). They are back in the studio next month, hopefully we'll get those tracks out and in our earhole soon. In the meantime, check them out next Tuesday (2/3) at temporal wormhole Cake Shop with The Visitations and get the Exodus EP on I-tunes..

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