Sunday, January 25, 2009

La Coka Nostra - Brand Name Dope EP

For the uninitiated, La Coka Nostra is a supergroup of sorts, featuring the gents from House Of Pain, along with Ill Bill from Non-Phixion, Slaine from the criminally underrated Special Teams and some guy named Big Left. Of course, there are also guest spots from Cypress Hill, Psycho Realm and (ahem) Danny Diablo. I can't say that I'm really feeling Brand Name Dope, though. I always liked HOP, even as late as Truth Crushed To Earth Will Rise Again, but after Everlast's unexpected solo career it seemed like we'd seen the last of the Irish triumverate. I can't say that any of the gents in LCN seem to be bringing their A Game to the table on Brand Name Dope, but maybe you'll feel differently. Ill Bill and Everlast are co-executive producers of the project and it seems to be coming out on Ill Bill's Uncle Howie Records in conjunction with Suburban Noize (run by Daddy X, sXe guy from Doggy Style and Kottonmouth Kings). Keep up on the goings-on with the La Coka Nostra here, and look out for the full-length called A Brand You Can Trust in the next couple months.


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