Thursday, January 29, 2009

Katt Williams - It's Pimpin' Pimpin'

I always enjoyed Katt Williams. His Comedy Central specials were a good time and I guess have spawned a bunch of film work for him. Or maybe vice versa?

Speaking of vice, our Katt seems to be indulging a bit more than he should be as of late. He has been quite the tabloid darling: missing a Conan O'Brien appearance, having gun charges levied against him, shit talking about Steve Harvey and recently being slapped off a stage. And that's just in the last couple of months. While the shit is being stirred up, scuttlebutt is that perhaps that the Diplomats chain he's sporting on the cover is a bygone affiliation, as well, and that KW may be retiring from stand-up? I smell a Martin Lawrence turn in the future, but maybe it's all Interweb conjecture.

Williams' personal issues aside, he's managed to release a new CD and DVD called It's Pimpin' Pimpin'. It's a live recording from DC. If the title doesn't already tell you, it's business as usual for him. The usual subjects are covered: his son (assumably biological and not one of his alleged 100+ foster kids), weed (this time, via the vaporizer), and self-reliance (look up 'star player' in the Katt lexicon). It's all pretty hysterical, as are the stories about him finally getting a motorcycle and his commentary on Oscar Pistorius' Olympic medal bid. Comedy Central has been airing this a bunch, but you can get your own copy here, if you'd like. Pick it up and pay for Katt's retirement, or at least his legal bills.



Lady Di said...

Actually, it's not his biological son but one of the 7 adopted children. At any rate, I wonder can you help me understand why an audio of a DVD/live set is needed? I know he did one for KW Live: Let A Playa Live but why??

Lady Di said...

PS - good looking on linking people to BUY a copy vs illegal dl's.

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