Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dragonzord - Hole World

Dragonzord is a the brainchild of Philadelphia's Dominic Angiella, aided and abetted by a rag-tag band of Fishtown collaborators. In typical egaltarian fashion, the ever-generous folk of If You Make It have made the four songs from the Dead Broke 7" available for free. Four songs, all with a backing band that's pretty solid in a softer Kill Creek/Ben Deilly-fronted Lemonheads era kind of way, or maybe some of the higher points from the Tree Post-Marked Stamps series. but without getting so noisy on the choruses. If you want a Philly precedent, think some of the more recent Joe Jack Talcum stuff. Angiella's guitar work is particularly strong on these songs. Don't expect any shred pyrotechnics, but the arrangements and playing are pretty damn solid.  It seems like he could pull off a lot of these songs solo without too much effort. A lot of bands get buy on volume but Dragonzord don't seem to need that crutch.

Again, the four songs are free here, courtesy of If You Make It, but If you were of a mind to actually buy the 7". you'll get a bonus CD(R?) with 30 more songs. That'll cost you $5 and you can do that here. It's evidently a co-release with Leather Fist Records, too, although I couldn't find anything about them on the interwebs.


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