Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Andi Smith - Home Perm

Andi Smith is from St. Louis (her take: cheaper and easier to feel superior there) but despite her lack of residency in time-honored soul-sapping nexuses like NYC or L.A., she has risen to a level that a lot of comedians, female or otherwise, have yet to attain. Maybe you've seen her on Last Comic Standing or Comedy Central. Homeperm is her first record(ing) and it puts her up there with Morgan Murphy and Maria Bamford. She's pretty crass, but just as funny, which makes her pretty aces in my book. Whether you like your humor about foster kids, West Virginia miners or Nigerian prison gang rape, Smith has got you covered.

Smith has been putting in a lot of road word lately, so you might best keep track of her whereabouts here. In the interim, you can pick up a copy of Homeperm here for $12.