Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Free G-Dep Mixtape!

G. Dep is yet another casualty of a Bad Boy tenure. With B.I.G dead and Black Rob and Shyne on an Up North Trip, I guess you could say that he got the best of the fallout. After the hype and subsequent fall-out of Let's Get It, Dep relocated down to the Carolinas a couple years ago and set to dropping a gang of mixtapes with DJ Enyce.

This one is the second of the G. Ometry series and I gotta say that maybe I was prepared to drink some Haterade while I listened. I think that The Hiatus Vol. 2 starts a little slow, but ultimately G. Dep sets to ripping shit up. I can't say that he's deposed Black Rob as my favorite ex-Bad Boy label guy, but this is pretty solid.

Snag this shit for free here. If you want to rekindle ties, keep tabs on G. Dep here.


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