Sunday, January 11, 2009

Harvest Of Hope Fest 2009

If my trip to Turkey taught me anything, it's that my Dad is a far better person than I am. Now it looks like No Idea and Harvest of Hope have upped the ante their own bad selves. Looks like this asshole might need to write a check or find religion or something.

Ryan from No Idea (and True North) had been working with Harvest Of Hope as part of his Grad Program. He called in a bunch of markers with a gang of bands like Against Me!, Bad Brains and a gazillion more, got a 50,000 grant from St. John's County in FL, and now there is a three day Harvest Of Hope Fest, raising money for what looks to be the largest benefit for Migrant Workers Rights in recent history, if not ever. While it doesn't make me feel any better about my shitty, selfish self; kudos go to Ryan and the rest of No Idea, Tony Weinbender at Southern Lovin' and Harvest Of Hope for doing such a great thing.

Check out all the skinny about Harvest Of Hope Fest here.


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