Friday, January 16, 2009

Props Due: Double Cross Webzine

Yowza! I blundered on to this blog a day or so ago and it's pretty much taken over my life since then. I wasn't a hardcore kid, although I knew some of the local players in the early 90s Albany scene. Once I moved down to NYC in the early 90s, I ended up meeting and/or playing with a lot of the movers and shakers in the NY Hardcore Scene. As I started getting more and more into the history of the local hardcore scene, it was funny to put the pieces together and realize how close I had been to some of the seminal events in the last 20 years. The JS-NYC location on the swinging Lower East Side is close to a lot of history that's reminisced about and commemorated at Double Cross and I'm glad to have been in the thick of it.

Double Cross is curated by Tim McMahon from Mouthpiece and his buddy Gordo. It has a straight-edge lean, but not exclusively. There's no judgement, but there is a whole lot of Judge coverage. Double Cross is well respected and positioned to get some of the classic stories from hardcore history, as well as rare still and video clips. I can't get enough of it and I'm far from Edge. I've spent easily eight hours of the last twenty-four poring over the interviews and entries and don't plan on stopping til I'm caught up. Where else are you going to find out who introduced Varsity Jackets into the sXe scene or find out who Porcell's top ten moshers are. There's also a good amount of shit talking. It's a good Net read, but this needs to printed in book form stat. In meantime, check out Double Cross here and pick up the Mouthpiece discography when it drops this Tuesday on Revelation


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