Friday, January 9, 2009

The Smoking Section and Trackstar The DJ present Wafeek - The Aristocrats Mixtape

So Wafeek is from St. Louis, but evidently has made an effort to establish a Cali presence in recent years. Long Beach, to be exact. I get a bit of the Heiro vibe in his flow, which combined with his utter avoidance of the Nelly, Twista and/or Bone Thugs flows, puts The Aristocrats Mixtape head and shoulders above the lion's share of Midwestern hip-hop. 

Wafeek has made no bones about the fact that he wants to be an internet celebrity (ie: sell a lot of records to white suburban kids). Hell, he's even gone so far to drop a mildly ironic track with the very same name. Fair enough, save for the fact that your average white hip-hop kid is pretty insufferable and that the average rapper who blows up in that way (see Kid Sister, Fanny Pack, etc.) shits the bed in half the time. God bless that 3G speed. Granted, there have been some Net cross-over kids like Kids In The Hall and that Shwayze band that has that one good song, but by and large the only advantage is their quick disappearance. 

Sure we all want dollars, and there's no reason why there shouldn't be cross-over, but I'm both surprised and a little bit put-off by Wafeek rhyming over Minus The Bear loops or referencing fucking Pitchfork. I guess it's bound to happen, but it does not bode well for my hackles not jumping like an epileptic low-rider. Truth be told, things aren't all backpacker on The Aristocrats Mixtape, but it is based on a Friar's Club theme for chrissakes. That's just fucking weird. I was just coming to grips with Wale and his Seinfeld tape. Do I smell a Fawlty Towers theme in the near future. MF Doom? Your move.

Wafeek can certainly rhyme, and you can't knock his hustle. With a lot of these free mixtapes, they are worth every penny of the nothing you pay, but The Aristocrats is definitely worth checking out.  Big ups to Trackstar the DJ and The Smoking Section for teaming up with dude to get the Wafeek name out there. Pick The Aristocrats Mixtape up here (again, for free). If you get down like that, be his internet jump-off here.

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feekee said...

This was an amazing read. The thing that really captured my attention was your perspective on my hypocrisy. It makes me wonder if it's better to purposely adapt one's style, subject matter, instrumentals to adhere to what would work in the marketplace or to try and be completely different based upon the same information. I just tend to do what the fuck I want and let the chips fall where they may. But the same issues you take with me on the project were sore spots for me as well. It's a trip to get up in front of people and tell them just how fucked up you are. but i get off on it.