Friday, January 23, 2009

Lifter Puller Anthology Info

Hey Kids:

Looks like more info on the new Lifter Puller anthology is trickling out. It's a pleasure to hear that they are finally re-releasing all this stuff as soon as I've ponied up big bucks to get their entire catalog on Ebay.

Jessica Hopper put out a request on her blog for LP stories and pictures a couple months ago and Steve Dude was on local Minneapolis radio talking it up, so it looks like things are moving along nicely. Not quickly, mind you. Details are sketchy as to how the retrospective will manifest itself, but there are semi-firm details concerning a book that is to be included and punknews seem to believe that French Kiss will have a hand in the proceedings. Interesting! We can only hope for live shows to commemorate the anthology's release.

Keep up on what's doing at the Lifter Puller web presence here.


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