Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bill Burr: Why Do I Do This?

Bill Burr is a pretty funny guy. I'm not sure where I saw him the first time, but safe money is either Comedy Central or Cringe Humor. He's much more towards the Cringe Humor end of the spectrum. He curses, he'll talk about racism against white people, pedophilia, stereotypes, and generally will call a spade a spade. It's good.

He dropped his first DVD Emotionally Unavailable a couple years ago and followed that up with a pretty relentless touring and TV schedule. It's the way of the walk for comedians today, but seems to be bearing fruit for Burr. I assume he's probably writing for TV, too. He deserves the cross-over success, as he's one funny bastard. If you like Louis CK and Greg Giraldo, and don't want your content lily-white, pick up Why Do I Do This? here.

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