Monday, January 5, 2009

DJ Davito - The Intervention mixtape

DJ Davito represents for new school of old school DJs. He's from Brooklyn and has dropped this mix-tape for free. It's 30 songs and pretty much all bangers. 

I keep up with hip-hop but I'm not the biggest internet troller for the most underground of underground shit but limited poking around leads me to think that a lot of this stuff is pretty exclusive to The Intervention. There's a pretty good mix of up and comers like Meyhem Lauren and Complex plus more established entities like GZA, Busta and Saigon.

There are some eyebrow-raising cameos from Speech from Arrested Development and Irish Boxing Champ Oisin Fagan to keep things interesting, but it's not to the detriment of The Intervention, especially since it's free and all. Cop that shit from Davito here and stay on his good side, willya. He evidently has been known to bottle the shit out of a reggaeton star or two that talk too slick., so I'd expect internet shit talkers will be given even less tolerance. 


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