Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Austin Lucas - A New Home In The Old World

Austin Lucas has been a perennial at JS-NYC since he first came on the radar by way of his stellar 2009 release Somebody Loves You. Ceaseless touring has taken place since then, with a singles collection, a live record and some tour demos in its wake. Now, on the heels of the first single Austin flowed our way, we have the release of A New Home In The Old World, courtesy of your new best friends at Last Chance Records.

While some of the songs have more fleshed out arrangements ala first single Thunder Rail and The Grain with its rocked-up guitars, but long time fans can rest assured that there is still a healthy acoustic bluegrass influence. There are also healthy doses of female vocals in evidence, assumably from sister Chloe Manor.

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Austin Lucas has a distinct voice, one that deserves much more notice than he is receiving currently. With songs as good as the ones on A New Home In The Old World, getting notice shouldn't be too much of an issue. Sleep Well and Feast look to be high points of future live shows and lucky for us, Austin is perpetually on tour. This spring will be on a higher than usual profile when he plays the Willie Nelson Country Throwdown Tour in May, part of a mostly-decent lineup that features Jamey Johnson. Click here for the tour dates and get A New Home In The Old World here for Last Chance in all the popular formats.


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