Friday, February 25, 2011

Austin Lucas - Live at The White Water Tavern

Along with Superchunk and Jon Snodgrass, Austin Lucas is one of the JS-NYC perennial elite. I'd talk about Austin every day if it wouldn't come off a little stalkerish. Luckily, the bumper crop of new Austin Lucas material for your earholes has warranted the regular coverage.

You may remember Austin has a new record called A New Home In The Old World coming out soon, courtesy of Little Rock label Last Chance Records. In investigating, I found that Last Chance also had this little chestnut available for a pittance. Three guesses as to how we feel about it around here.

Well, you guessed it: Live At White Water Tavern is pretty damn good. Austin is in typically fine voice, backed by a drummerless duo on various things strung and resonator. Nine songs in total, including Sleep Well from the new record (and tour demo). It's out in hard copy form on 3/15, but you can snag a digital version now here.


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