Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jon Dee Graham - Chupacabra

It's well established that JS-NYC loves themselves some Jon Dee Graham. Having come late to the game with my adulation for his most recent It's Not As Bad As It Looks, there was much rejoicing when it came to light that there was a pay-what-you-will live record from JDG called Chupacabra to be had over at the Freedom Records web presence.

The Chupacabra set was recorded at the Saxon Pub in bucolic Austin, TX and features our hero backed by The League Of Entirely Ordinary Gentleman +1. The band, anchored by the mighty Michael Hardwick, is hot as hell. I'm glad I don't have to keep up with the likes of them on the local stages. You get sixteen songs in a little over an hour from the ripping four-piece band, with most of the high points of the JDG catalog touched upon.

While this is a great set, and I haven't done the forensics on whether this is truly the case, it seems Chupacabra is a wee bit light on the New West era of material. Or maybe that's just me stirring up shit. Either way, the man's got songs for days, and seems ripe for a John Hiatt-esque run of having his tunes covered by a crossover artist. Here's hoping. In the interim, take advantage of the sliding payment option over at the Freedom Records web presence and snatch up Chupacabra here with the quickness. Tour dates are a coming. Stay tuned and check out his Hobart Bros. project with Freedy Johnson and Susan Cowsill.


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