Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Live: Deep Sleep with Death First and Foster Care @ 538 Johnson

This had been such a great weekend for rock shows that I was tempted to blow off this show. The weather was just warm enough to make me think it was a good idea, so I jumped on the bike and rode out to the rabbit warren of DIY spaces that is 538 Johnson. Shows there are always in peoples living spaces, which always seems like a bad idea, but always ends up being a decent time, provided you're not the first one there. This was another stellar Hardcore Gig Volume/Ian Dickson show in what I believe is the third space on the second floor I've seen a show in.

First band I saw was Foster Care, who are evidently local dudes and friends of the house. Decent four-piece NY hardcore punk, not to be confused sonically with NYHC. Wouldn't have gone explicitly to see them, but decent enough. Death First were up next, a five-piece with a lady fronting things. Good stuff ala Punch, and probably much better for being in a small (living) room.

Deep Sleep crept in and set it off with the Baltimore take on hardcore. Nothing specific to differentiate them from other scenes, but distinctively Baltimore and not DC. They have a great new record called Turn Me Off that is pretty fucking aces. Live they bring it, with jagged guitars and a pummeling rhythm section that bucks and rolls like an epileptic fit. Good in general, even better in an 8 x 10 living room. The gents piled into a car for the gig, after breaking two vans in as many days to play for maybe 20 people on a Sunday, but brought it as hard as if it were prime time. Kudos to the house, Ian/Hardcore Gig Volume and all the bands for a good time on an early Sunday evening.


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