Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Deep Sleep - Turn Me Off

Baltimore is a weird place. Not that that is an out and out bad thing. Lungfish and Wilderness both hail from Charm City and the crowd-pleasing Insubordination Fest continues to be a Northern alternative to The Fest. Baltimore hardcore is a little more esoteric. While I'm sure there is more than one hardcore band from that neck of the woods, it would be a hell of a surprise if they were better than Deep Sleep.

These boys bring it.

Turn Me Off comes courtesy of RVA purveyor Grave Mistake, adding to a stellar roster of recent releases like the Coke Bust 7" and final Government Warning LP. 10 songs in 13 minutes pretty much guarantee that you'll play this more than once, but anyone with anything close to a working auricular organ will eat this burst of post-Dag Nasty-ness up with a spoon. Get Turn Me Off here from the GM web presence.


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