Sunday, March 6, 2011

Live: Paint It Black with Punch, Iron Chic and Zombie Dogs @ Death By Audio 3.4.11

Eric got us tickets for this months ago and it couldn't have come at a better time. It had been the kind of week where a Paint It Black show was pretty much the only legal (read: unincarcerable) antidote. Yemin's got a kid now, so Paint It Black play in fits and starts, but this was one of three or four over the weekend. Luckily for us, we got Iron Chic and Punch on the bill as well.

Eric and I rolled up at Death By Audio way early and posted up beerside for a couple of beverages. It made for a better atmosphere for seeing Zombie Dogs, a band that has at least one member of Bridge & Tunnel in its ranks. Fun, but not a hell of a lot of what you'd call solid songs from where I'm sitting. I'm pretty sure they are just getting off the ground, so maybe things will come together a bit for me. Nothing world-rocking, but I've heard far, far worse.

Iron Chic I have no ambivalence whatsoever about. I was well-warmed up by the point they came out and kicked things off with a double-shot of the best tracks off their most recent Not Like This. In poking around trying to find the flyer for this show, I found a funny review that called them old, which makes me just this side of Larry Livermore. Relative age aside, they attract a pretty feverish young crowd that romped for the duration of their half-hour or so set. I'm pretty sure IC are laying low in anticipation of a European junket, but check out their web presence here and make sure. Buy their records and merch.

Punch cancelled a month or so before, owing to the singer having broken her foot, I believe. I thought I'd like them more, but they brought out a lot of ladies and the crowd really ate them up, so I should probably listen to Eric and check out the record before I see them again. The same review that called IC old also claimed their was a 10 song punk medley that I'm not sure how I missed, but then again I had consumed a lot of beer at that point. Either way, I'm getting the records currently, so perhaps I'll be eating some crow down the line.

Paint It Black wrapped things up with their usual fervor. They really are the East Coast post-modern Descendents. Every release is hardcore as hell, but more and more Jawbreaker melody insinuates itself into the mix with every EP. They are also some fucking nerds, but lets not dwell on the obvious. Yemin dropped science and talked some shit, kids went batshit and I grinned the whole time. Philly hardcore is a nice happy medium between NYHC and DC and it is always a pleasure when Hardcore Gig Volume and Ian bring it to NYC. I felt like ass the next morning, but its shows like these that remind me why NY has the best shows around.


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