Friday, March 11, 2011

Teenage Bottlerocket - Another Way reissue

How I couldn't have fallen for Teenage Bottlerocket when I first encountered them still confounds me, but as I saw them at the ill-fated Chixdiggit show I can't shut up about, perhaps I will leave all that negative energy in the sub-basement of what used to be the second Knitting Factory. Eight years on from the release of their first 12", Red Scare has re-released Another Way in remastered form, along with their debut EP A-Bomb and the track from their split with Bob The Welder. It's a neat package that wraps up the early Teenage Bottlerocket years nicely. Personally, I would snatch this up just for a remastered version of Mini Skirt, but lovers of new school Ramones jocking would do well to snap up the reissue of Another Way. Here's a link.


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