Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Screeching Weasel - First World Manifesto

Ah, Screeching Weasel. Aging mercurial frontman Ben Weasel has effectively shit the bed on anything good being associated with the SW name post punch-up with some ice-spitting female at SXSW, but First World Manifesto is a decent enough record. It is far from groundbreaking, but I'm pretty sure no one is really checking in for this to be a contemplative acoustic or ska record.

Above and beyond the furor revolving around the Emo's show, there has been a hilarious thread on the punknews about the lyrics of a couple songs that talk shit about the punk scenesters and stuff like The Fest and Punk Rock Bowling. Why people care about a 50 year old Weasel whining about these things is beyond me. Do we not forget that this is a guy who wrote Jeannie's Got A Problem With Her Uterus? I'm not sure anyone expects him to be Bob Dylan.

If you liked Screeching Weasel before, you should probably be ok with First World Manifesto. It comes courtesy of Fat and feature(d) Danny Vapid back in the fold, pre-entire band diaspora. Maybe your politics will keep you from picking this up. Wiser people might be better off just cutting to the chase and buying one of the new school of SW post-Ramones bands out there.


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