Thursday, July 1, 2010

Austin Lucas - New Home demos

When Austin came through town a couple weeks ago, he had this tour cd-r that he was hawking. It's actually a double cd-r, lavishly packaged (see left) in a sandwich bag with tour/bandmate Christina Wagner's companion recent demos. It's iTunes priced, as a $1 a song, and worth one less drink if you see him. Austin is looking for a new label and if the five songs here aren't enough to find him one, a lot of people should be hanging it up, as our Mr. Lucas has them well outclassed. The five tracks find him in as good a voice as ever, with the typical bass/banjo/guitar sometimes with understated kit backing. If I had to pick a best track, I guess it would be the opening Sleep Well, but it's all pretty aces and for $10 for 2 cds, you can't really go wrong. Help the guy out on tour and pick the New Home demos up if you can. He starts a West Coast run in the next couple of days, irritatingly enough for this NYer with Cory Branan. See where you and Austin can cross paths here.


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