Monday, March 21, 2011

Restorations - Restorations

I saw Restorations play the Thorns Of Life show at the now-defunct? Disgraceland in Philly a couple years ago. They had a raspy Weakerthans kind of thing going on and featured 3/4 of Jena Berlin in their ranks, all of which was promising. Post that initial sighting, I missed them in Brooklyn a couple times and there have been a couple splits that I've heard in passing, but I've been generally bummed that I haven't been able to investigate Restorations properly. Luckily there's now a self-titled EP to be had for JS-NYC to sink its ears into. Had I been looking for this on the racks, I would have missed it, given the black metal meets emo logo and all, but all bitchiness aside Restorations is a nice 2011 Philly take on the midwestern emo scene of the mid 90s, with a dose of The Hold Steady for good measure. That works for me. It should for you, too. Get Restorations here from the Restorations web presence.


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