Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Hate Our Freedom - Seriously

I've seen a handful of I Hate Our Freedom shows over the last year or so and they have grown on me a good deal. Initially I liked them a lot more on paper. Of all the ex-bands the members of I Hate Our Freedom tenured in (including Texas Is The Reason, Thursday and Milhouse), I was the biggest fan of Garrison, and their singer Joe fronts IHOF (do I smell t-shirt logo rip-off) so things bode well. They were the best I've ever seen them opening for Samiam at Santos, so I picked up Seriously and its been getting more than average play at JS-NYC HQ. I think mostly because its just short of twenty minutes long. That's not a diss. In fact it's pretty refreshing to hear some older guys who know that there is no need to overstay their welcome. The closing track stretches things out a bit into a Jawbox meets Bluetip rideout that is pretty bad-ass, but the lion's share of the tracks are under two minutes. I Hate Our Freedom certainly seem to play their fair share of solid bills with bigger touring acts, but if one doesn't arise, Seriously looks to have me seeing them headline next time they play. Keep track of their whereabouts here and pick up Seriously here from Mightier Than Sword Records.

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