Monday, March 14, 2011

Live: Off With Their Heads with Rats In Rigor @ ABCnoRIO 3.13.11

Over the dozen or so Off With Their Heads shows I've seen, I've vacillated back and forth as to my enjoyment level. A lot of the shows on the unending tour behind From The Bottom got to be a little phoned in and I was less than enthused by the early shows behind In Desolation that had a five piece lineup with Ryan just singing. I heard about the ABC show at the last minute and figured as it was about three blocks from JS-NYC HQ, I'd try and make it. Fellow tourmates Against Me! were stinking up a matinee at Mercury Lounge at the same time, which worked out fine for attendance.

Rats In Rigor were on when I rolled in. By all outward appearances, these gents are no stranger to Leftover Crack shows. In fact, I'm still unsure as to whether I'm not aware of some crust punk pseudonym thing going on, as the singer guy looked way too much like Stza, but either way, they were your average crusty mid-card ABC band, playing an ok set and covering The Mob. All in all: meh.

Punk rock being punk rock, until I see band members on site, I'm always pretty much always thinking the band I want to see either has cancelled or the lineup has changed. I'm pleased to have been wrong. We're back to the four-piece Off With Their Heads, which is a very good thing. The kids only cared because it meant there was more room for shenanigans and crowding Ryan for singalongs. Ryan had the quote of the afternoon after the second or third song when he stopped and asked why no one was shouting 'Lets Go Murphys'. I love the Murphys, but they are second only to Slayer when it comes to fans that don't give a fuck about anything that isn't their boys. Ryan was openly (and vocally) pleased to be playing a smaller Alamo-esque show away from the big rooms Dropkick Murphys/AM! tour. It made for a much better show for all parties. OWTH are a small room band, props are due to them for remembering that and playing ABC for one of the last shows before they demo the building.


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