Monday, February 14, 2011

Too Many Daves - Weekend At Dave's

Well I guess when you have four dudes on (and very probably with) A.D.D. and they are all named Dave, it's inevitable that a band is going to jump off. Davey Tiltwheel, Dave Decker-Clairmel, Dave Disorder and Dave Haberkorn have got themselves a Fest-y sounding band that knocks out two minute hooky punk jams as quickly as they shotgun cheap beers. This one has thirteen tunes, one of which is a Body Count cover. Cover art by Mr. Ben Snakepit. If you ascribe to the Too Many Daves credo of Burn Weed, Not Pizza and like yourselves any of the members' other bands, you could do a lot worse than picking Weekend At Dave's up from the kids at A.D.D. Here's a link.


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Ben said...

Actually I didn't do the artwork for this, Bill Pinkel did. Says so in the credits. -Ben Snakepit