Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cage The Elephant - Thank You, Happy Birthday

My memory is a sieve in my old age, but I can't think there is any way that I have not extolled the virtues of the best UK music show on TV, that being Later With Jools Holland. There are those that can't stand Holland, and those people should promptly go fuck their little selves. Squeeze were and are a great band, and Holland has done more to expand the scope of the average music program than anyone else this side of Dick Clark. I first saw Cage The Elephant on Later a year or so ago and was pretty taken by the Bowling Green quintet. The singer looked to be more of a personality than I would normally tolerate, but his sing-songy delivery combined with some pretty serious stage presence kept them on my radar.

How Cage The Elephant got three songs on a UK TV show with little in the way of US mention intrigued me, as did a recent article in Brit rag Q that probably illuminated why that was the case. I'll invoke the sieve clause and figure that it was probably management that transplanted them. I'm intrigued as to whether it was their call to morph them into one hell of a Pixies cover band. There are worse bands to jock, and it worked for Nirvana. Frontman kid has definitely got a Cobain thing going on, hopefully sans shrewish significant other and arm candy problems. Kids should probably eat Thank You, Happy Birthday up with a spoon, older people will probably be a harder sell. If you think this tickles your indie bone: check out the Cage The Elephant web presence here and see what you think.


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