Sunday, February 6, 2011

Skarhead - Kickin It Oldschool

As I approach middle-age, I like to lie to myself and maintain the idea that I am a man of some principles. Despite being somewhat of a dick, I try to be a straight shooter and at least outwardly respectful of those who a deserving of it. That said, I can't really explain why it is that I am so infatuated with Skarhead. Yet I am, and eat up every release. Kickin' It Oldschool compiles the now out of print Drugs, Money, Sex 10" with a handful of demo and remix tracks. For those of you concerned that there would not be enough thuggery, there are a host of answering machine messages from various snubbed jump-offs and local vice cops just to keep thing (dis)honest. All this with some crunchy guitars and workmanlike rhyming. It seems to be the perfect tooth-grinding soundtrack to malt-liquor fueled vileness. I'm pretty sure this is a limited release, but it is remastered, so you may want to grab this. Valentine's Day is coming up, don't you know. Here's a link.


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