Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Drive-By Truckers - Sometimes Late At Night EP

Drive-By Truckers have been their usual prolific selves of late, dropping two full-length in the last year. The most recent is Go-Go Boots and it may very well be the best release of the post-Isbell DBT era. Never ones to let the opportunity to release another recording slide, the band has released this companion EP called Sometimes Late At Night. It's got a studio cover of the Vic Chestnutt track When I Ran Off And Left Her, plus four live tracks. The closing live Buttholeville (dovetailed with State Trooper) features Cody Dickinson of North Mississippi All-Stars for added jam value. It's been getting a little tired saying how good DBT have been of late, but it's true once again with Sometimes Late At Night. The live versions of Buckets Of Mercy and Everybody Needs Love are pretty stellar and the Vic cover is pretty choice, too. Cover art is pretty aces, too. Get this from iTunes or from the DBT web presence here.


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