Thursday, February 3, 2011

Al Del Bene - Get In The Van

In the crop of new comedians breaking on a national level, Al Del Bene is often spoken in the same breath as Dane Cook, which would normally scream halitosis at the ol' JS-NYC HQ. Guys like Del Bene and Dov Davidoff are funny guys that come off a little too far into the jabronie spectrum for my tastes. I guess if I had to choose, I'd prefer my comedians in that arm of comedy to be scumbags (Norton, Vos). Cook and those of his ilk tend to attract a post-frat guy/bottle service kind of douchebag crowd that even by conventional comedy standards is a little much for me.

That Get In The Van is sadly more of a serial killer homage than it is Black Flag homage is a second strike against it, but even I recognize that as a douchey shortcoming to consider. So sue me. Or spite me and buy Get In The Van here. Evidently Del Bene is hooked up with the new Jon Lovitz comedy special, so if you're on the fence about that kind of comedy, maybe check that out first. Or look up Del Bene on his web presence here.

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