Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chixdiggit - Safeways, Here We Come

I love me some Chixdiggit, really I do. We first fell in love over ten years ago and sealed the deal with a truly awesome show at CBGBs. Having played my hands-down worst sets ever at CBs and having had some of the worst times ever there, it's a pleasure to have a glimmer, at least, of nostalgia about the new John Varvatos store. Subsequent to that, the gents dropped off the face of the Earth for a good while, then surfaced to play a couple US shows behind their last pretty ok full-length Pink Razors. One of the guys, Mike I think, was sick and didn't make it. Some guy filled in at the last minute and the set was really kinda shitty and lame. I was way bummed, even more so when they dropped off again for a while, then surfaced with an absolutely flaccid re-recording of their classic first Sub Pop record that was utterly soul sapping.

So you can imagine my ambivalence when I heard that Chixdiggit were dropping a new EP. I did some checking and was mildly pleased to find that the record was coming out on Fat Wreck. That brand loyalty has bitten me in the ass more and more recently, but with Chixdiggit it seemed enough of an incentive to hunt Safeways down. I'm pleased to report it's pretty damn good. Things get a little sketchy with the last couple tracks, notably with Hot N' Horny, but all in all Safeways, Here We Come is something you should be snapping up with the quickness. Here's a link to the Fat Wreck web purveyor. Keep tabs on Chixdiggit here.


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