Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bad Banana - Crutchfield

Bad Banana is the new(est) side project from Katie and Alison from the awesome, awesome P.S. Eliot rock band and it, too, is pretty great. And no I didn't see the photos of either franchise until after I liked the demo. The demo is called Crutchfield, knocking out ten tracks in just over 22 minutes of GbV level fidelity. Frankly, this is not all that far from P.S. Eliot, which given the personnel, would speak to some redundancy, but hey twice as many good songs works, too. I missed the recent show with Slingshot Dakota and am regretting it more and more every time I play this. I can take small consolation in that fact that P.S. Eliot are coming through (with Dead Mechanical, I believe) May-ish. Stay tuned to JS-NYC for details, but in the interim snag Crutchfield for free here.


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