Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Puppy Bowl 2011

Depending on my level of personal hermitude, my interest in the Superbowl vacillates from tepid to non-existent. The advent of the Puppy Bowl over the last decade has pretty much trumped it outright. Like I mentioned last year, my quarrel with the proceedings in recent years has revolved around Animal Plant not being able to leave a good thing alone.

Now, I'll be the last person to downplay the cultural firestorm that were to take place if Animal Planet were to come out more on the side of the canine community, but is it really that much of an issue to confine that which is defined as a 'Puppy Bowl' to just puppies? The kitty half-time show continues to be a snoozefest trumped only by the Rabbit cheerleaders. And where are the bulldog puppies?

February is turning out kind of shitty in the first place and the sub-par Puppy Bowl isn't really helping any, I gotta say. Luckily, David was kind enough to forward this link of all the key plays from this year's proceedings as compiled by NY Magazine. Maybe it'll come off better in a more concise form. Enjoy, and let's hope for more bulldog representing in 2011.



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