Sunday, February 13, 2011

Live: Supertouch with Capital and Sweet Diesel @ Santos Party House 2.12.11

I can't front and say that I was in this for anything more than Capital. All respect to Sweet Diesel and Supertouch, but I had never seen the LI boys and the records are getting lots of spins at JS-NYC HQ, so it was time to break my Santos cherry. After the nicest yet most thorough TSA grade pre-entrance search I've received before a show in years, I posted up just as Sweet Diesel launched into what may have been their first reunion set? It was odd to see them outside of Brownies, but beyond that they kinda brought it. Old crowd, highlighted by many Bill Dolan (of American Standard) stage invasions. They seemed to draw most of the old Brownies crowd and evidently stand to do some more shows soon. Whouda thought.

Capital were up next. Did I mention that I like me some Capital. Fronted by Tommy Corrigan (ex-Silent Majority) they sounded like Dag Nasty if they came from the L.I. Corrigan gives good smart-ass banter and the kids are pretty tight. Get the new record for free at their web presence.

As it was cold and all, I figured I see a song or two of the Supertouch and probably end up heading for the hills early. As they were setting up, I realized that Dean Baltounis was playing bass for them, which sweetened the pot considerably. I had thought he was out of the live rock game, but I guess Mark managed to cajole him. Either way, fuck were Supertouch good. Mark sure doesn't look healthy, but the band is fucking killer. I'm going to have to revisit the catalog before I can conjure up any semblance of a setlist, but I do know that Paul Bearer came out to scowl his way through Victim In Pain towards the end, if that sways you. Either way, a hell of a show for the $12.


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