Sunday, September 19, 2010

Banner Pilot - Resignation Day remaster

It's been just a hair over two years since Banner Pilot released Resignation Day on Go-Kart. They have signed to Fat in the interim, releasing the solid, but arguably not as good, Collapser and garnering a fair amount of well-deserved props beyond the basement scene that spawned them. They don't tour out this way all that much, only twice in their existence that I've been aware of, which makes for kind of a bummer when one of them was last year's twenty minute CMJ set. Listening to the remastered Resignation Day, the fact that Banner Pilot need to get out East for a proper show can't be asserted more clearly. Damn! This is one hell of a good record, by 2008 or 2010 standards. The Fat remaster tags the two tracks from the Kiss Of Death split with Monikers to push the record that much closer to awesomeness. Make Fat Mike and four solid dudes from the Twin Cities a little happier and snap this bad boy up with the quickness. Here's a link.


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