Saturday, September 11, 2010

Live: Shellac with Helen Money @ The Bell House 9.7.10

When I first moved into my own Manhattan apartment in the early 90's, my roommate was your textbook over-educated rock guy from Buffalo, with record-collection to match. I know that's how I heard Shellac for the first time, but I'm a bit hazier as to when I saw them for the first time. I'm pretty sure it was at the Houston St. Knit with Rodan. I definitely saw them after that behind At Action Park at the Leonard St. Knit. Regardless, a live Shellac show is a proposition not to be missed.

I didn't even know that Shellac were coming through town, but blundered upon the Bell House listing and snatched up a ticket. As the date grew nigh, I suddenly remembered the show was coming up and thought that maybe I had missed it, but ginkgo was on my side and I made it to Bell House with little incident. Shellac have evidently garnered quite a following with the cycling set, as there was no parking to be had for blocks. The show was sold out, and The Bell House was full both in the live room and in the bars. Hooked up with Aaron and caught a good part of the Helen Money set. Ms. Money is a solo cellist who loops and distorts in the manner you might expect from a Chicago solo cellist opening for Shellac. Good stuff. Aaron bought the record, so look for a review soonish. She seemed to be well-received, so I'd expect a solo show in town soon.

Shellac were on a little after 10 and tore the place up in their time-honored fashion. Trainer still sets up on the lip on the stage and the identical amps and Travis Beans are still in evidence. Weston works the crowd nicely (as evinced by the 90+ minutes of banter compiled here by Henry Chunklet), but had me at the Aqua Teen Ignignok and Err wristbands. No mention of any new release, but there haven't been a ton of dates behind Excellent Italian Greyhound, so I guess we'll call this promotion for same. I would have liked to have heard The Rambler Song, but most of my favorites popped up in the set. It went maybe a song or two long for a school night, but this show marks as one of the best sets of 2010 nonetheless. The team is off to Europe for a week or so, but no other US dates seem to be on the docket and I'm not sure where you would find out if they were playing more shows, as Shellac have no formal web presence that I've discovered. Free to point out the error of that statement and I'll print/bookmark accordingly, but in the interim see this crew if they come within a couple hundred miles of your earholes.


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