Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grabass Charlestons/Toys That KIll split 7"

Your friends at No Idea are always good for bringing the coasts closer together, whether it be through The Fest or through slabs of wax like this little dilly that unites home team heroes Grabass Charlestons with Pedro powerhouses Toys That Kill. Not a bad pairing at all to these ears. I enjoyed what I saw of the recent Grabass show at Lulu's and had made a mental note to revisit their back catalog. While said note has gone unheeded, someone's looking out, as this just popped up at JS-NYC HQ. Five songs, four new and a Flavored Onion Rings cover. I'll give the lead-off track Sad And Beautiful World the nod for the best of the lot, but the East Coast represents respectably for their side.

On the flip, San Pedro's Toys That Kill continue their D4 resurrection to digitize five tracks of garage-y punk, albeit with some tracks from '05. Same deal with the tracking, although TTK opt for a Rocket From The Crypt-ian revisitation of a Joy Division chestnut. It's decent, especially the closing I'm Foaming, but I continue to try to reconcile my love for Come Home Smelly with my ambivalence with the entirety of their back catalog. Either way, you should probably get this. Here's a link to your buds over at the No Idea. Wise consumers would do well to act with haste before things get lost in The Fest.


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