Wednesday, September 1, 2010

D4 - The Bootleg

Here we have a(nother) Dillinger 4 bootleg of undetermined origin. I appropriated this by typically illicit means, as this only available on 12", and in looking at the virtual back cover (right) was initially pretty stoked and then confused when the track listings didn't match up. Then I got bigger cover art and saw the little caveat. Advantage D4. There are only four songs here, all allegedly from a BBC Session. They are well-recorded and you'll recognize all of them, but a bootleg without Paddy's banter seems lacking. Whether you'll want to pony up $14 for 4 songs is your call. It's available from all your favorite online distros, but why not go No Idea? Just a thought.

In related notes, while poking around the corners of the interwebs trying to find the fake tracks, I did find this exceedingly awesome blog called Besides Asides that has this awesome comp of d4 rarities he's put together. Peep it here.


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