Sunday, September 5, 2010

Live: Iron Chic with Young Livers @ 538 Johnson Ave 9.3.10

Iron Chic have a new record out called Not Like This. I like it very much. As such, it seemed prudent to get back from terrorizing the bass population of Newburgh with my pops early enough to get out to 538 Johnson for one of the record release shows. IC have a pretty die-hard local following, and they should, as they are a bright light in the sea of overrated crap rock here in town.

I locked up and got in as Young Livers were setting up. They are from Gainesville and sound like it. It was my first time seeing (hell, hearing!) them and I wasn't disappointed. Amp nerds will be pleased to find that YL travel with a raft of Acorn goodness. They aren't afraid to use them either. All in all, a respectable set with great sound for a house show. Not sure when the renovations took place, or whether the actual space was different last time, but it seemed markedly smaller than at Ergs and Fucked Up shows I had seen there previously. It's gotta be tough to be their neighbor. Everybody seemed totally respectful, but it was loud and smoky for the duration, both in the space and in the hall. And did I mention fucking hot? It was Black Hole Of Calcutta style, the place was full, but not packed yet hot enough for twice the number. Add some amps and whatnot, and I was soaked to the skin for the duration.

Iron Chic were up in short order, which makes me wonder whether there was a lineup switch. I saw Rachel during the YL set, but there was no mention. I like Bridge & Tunnel a bunch, so I was kinda bummed, but given the temperature, I was more than willing to cut to the chase. They like themselves some beer, preferably canned, cheap and in some quantity. Their crowd does, too, leading to the requisite crowd lurching and unnecessary (not to mention poor executed) crowd riding. Iron Chic were tight, boding well for those who intend to see them on the tour. Dates are here. Lots of stuff off the new record, with a couple dips back into their first nine songs. In an ideal world, big things are forthcoming for the IC boys. Of course, I said the same thing about Bridge and Tunnel and now they are out with Asslight Anthem, so it's sort of a double-edged sword. Either way, if you are in the South and/or Midwest, do yourself a solid and check out Iron Chic live.


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