Monday, September 20, 2010

Live: RVIVR with LIttle Lungs, The Measure (SA) and The Fish @ 538 Johnson Ave

Night two of the NYC RVIVR dates was out at 538 Johnson. A bit of a hike, but with The Measure and Little Lungs on the bill, it was more than worth it for $5. In hindsight, I would have avoided shredding my back wheel on a fucking plastic bag during the whole endeavor, but not so bad all around.

So I limped into port, got inside and immediately realized that I was indeed in a different space than the Iron Chic show last week, and though built out more than the last time I was there, very probably where I saw Fucked Up a couple years ago. I caught the last three or four songs from The Fish, but could have done without. Co-ed line up, guy singer who has a sort of third-rate Dylan thing going on, not especially remarkable.

The Measure (sa) were up next. They have a new record coming out on No Idea that is purported to be pretty awesome and have been ramping up the live shows accordingly. I like them very much, but I've said it before and I'll say it again: what is up with Fid and his relentless youth crew jumping? Really. It is so incongruous with the rest of the band, and really most of the songs that I really do hope that he is the best guy on Earth so I can relegate the whole thing to endearing rather than maddeningly slappable. Exclusive of that, The Measure (sa) really are a good time. They aren't the best band, but there is a definite sense of both craft and individuality to the proceedings. There is a record release party for Notes 10/15 at Coco66, but there is very little chance that you will catch JS-NYC falling for the okey-doke at that time warp anytime soon. You should see them anywhere else early and often (unless you think they are best appreciated at 1am midweek).

Man, how great are Little Lungs? I always forget how great they are until I see them live and now they very well be my favorite local band. They have swapped bass players since I've seen them last, tipping the gender majority back to the male advantage, but are no less awesome. The crowd thought so, too. They played pretty much all the stuff from their stellar Hoist Me Up and were damn awesome doing it, I must say. Angie does one hell of a job singing and playing guitar and the rhythm section more than holds its own, live or recorded. Little Lungs were so good, in fact, that I didn't even stick around for RVIVR, just in case I had to call an audible and find a train home. All props due to RVIVR, see them if you can, but as they will be overseas, and live in Oly, look out for Little Lungs and see them ASAP.


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