Friday, September 17, 2010

Live: RVIVR with Bridge and Tunnel and Matthew Berry and The New Sound @ Lulu's 10/16/10

This show was the first of an old school 'out for the week' rock series. One might lend credence for my having stood in the room at 10:45 the evening previously while various Measure members and merch people milled around at CoCo 66 waiting for a five band fucking bill to start before riding back home in disgust.


How this makes sense, especially with touring bands, on a Tuesday night confounds me.

But I digress. I made it from my art opening/pig roast to Lulu's in time to catch Matthew Berry and The New Sound. Not that I wanted to, but whatever. They were ok, with points for ok banter, but definitely seemed to capitalize on some scene cred, as they were decent, but nothing to write home about. While I hate, hate, hate unannounced lineup changes, by this point in the evening I was willing to let it slide. It's a bummer, as I've missed out on Bridge And Tunnel a couple times now owing to the ridiculous start times in this burg. RVIVR flew out West for a couple shows before flying off to Europe for a month of dates. Borrowed gear and early tour dates aren't always the best combo. Add yourself a short set into the kitty and you've got kind of a bummer situation. It was a good time, but they have definitely been better. Questionable haircuts aside, RVIVR are still better than most, and when it's free and all, I can't hate too much. Matt mentioned an EP coming around the end of the year, so look out here for signs of that dropping. Euro friends can find tour dates here.


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