Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Banner Pilot - Resignation Day

It's always a happy day on my end of Rivington St. when Banner Pilot drops a new record into my hands. My neighbors may feel differently, but I sense I'll be able to wear them down soon enough. At this point, there may be an insurrection if I play another Lifter Puller song for their pleasure.

I had ordered Resignation Day through Nate as a pre-order back in June, with the implication that I'd be getting it early and with a t-shirt. Punk rock being punk rock, I only got it yesterday, which is before the release date (actual release date: 8/12), but I gotta say I'd like a wee bit more for my pre-order dollar. The t-shirt is nice, though.

Oh yeah, and the record's pretty fucking top-notch, too. The EP got lots of play around Chez Rivington (at least someone does) and still gets a lot of bike time. If I've dropped you sprinting up the West Side, chances are these gents had something to do with it.

Maybe you remember that Nate used to play with Ryan from Off With Their Heads in Rivethead (and played in previous versions of OWTH). If you liked Rivethead and currently like OWTH, Banner Pilot are a no-brainer for you. They are cut from the same beer-soaked punk rock cloth as their aforementioned compatriots from the Twin Cities. On Resignation Day Banner Pilot treat your ears like a basement show at the Alamo and have their way with them.

Don't worry, you won't complain and there will be a lot less clean-up.There is absolutely no new ground being broken on Resignation Day, but if you like your the punk rock in the power trio format ala Jawbreaker/Larry Arms/Alkaline Trio, you won't be disappointed in the slightest. Stuff like Cut Bait and Baltimore Knot will have you pumping your fist in the air and shouting along wherever you are. I've done it in the house, at the store and on the bike in the last twenty-four hours and people really seem to receiving it well. It would be a lot easier for me to assimilate into common society if the gents would actually come East, but I'm more than willing to be 'that guy' and sing along in inappropriate places until the boys come through NYC. I smell a short and/or disappointing late-night G0-Kart showcase at CMJ in my Fall. The record's on sale at the GoKart site here. Buy it suckas, and see them on tour West of the Mississippi starting tomorrow through the end of the month. Links below.


Banner Pilot MySpace

Banner Pilot web presence
Go Kart Records

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