Thursday, September 23, 2010

Live: Superchunk @ Bowery Ballroom 9.18.10

The one-two punch of Superchunk and not having to ride over the bridge would have made this the best show in months even if it wasn't pretty damn great. Historically, if I have to wait seven years between a band's releases it's going to be a disappointment, but I'm pleased to report that the new Majesty Shredding is a great record, even by Superchunk standards. Look for a review soon.

This show had sold out way in advance, and embarassingly enough, I had missed out on getting a ticket. Luckily through the good graces of the Bros. Johnson (the other half of said team whom had saved my ass on the soon to be disappointing Hold Steady show at the Beacon), I ended up with an extra ticket. Motor City proved to be the staging area for a couple hours of warm-up (and convenient missing of openers). Our arrival at Bowery was pretty much coincident with things jumping off and jump things did. Here's the set list:

Learned To Surf
Burn Last Sunday
Detroit Has A Skyline
Digging For Something
My Gap Feels Weird
Like A Fool
Hello Hawk
Crossed Wires
For Tension
Song For Marion Brown
Watery Hands
Punch Me Harder
Cast Iron
Everything At Once

Driveway To Driveway
100,000 Fireflies
Slack Motherfucker
Hyper Enough

Throwing Things

It was pretty great all-around, as you might surmise by the amazing set. The new songs are so good, and it's nice to see the Chunk back in guitar mode. An ill-advised post-set stage invasion found me chastised and stripped of my newly purloined set list by their new roadie personnel, but even that didn't taint the evening. Hear me now and believe me later: Superchunk are the best. The rest are just pretenders.


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