Sunday, September 14, 2008

Some Things Bitchin', Soon To Come

It's going to be an interesting week, kids. I can almost guarantee that both of my readers will be pretty close to entertained. As the feast/famine pendulum swings towards the positive as it regards live rocking, there happens to be a lot of good live stuff to be had this week: two nights of This Will Destroy You; Opeth and High On Fire; Hold Steady and Pretenders. Seeing so much always looks good on paper, but any time you can get four Mats records with bonus tracks in your grubby little paws for the down time, you should revel in such delights.

Look forward to:

1. A four part review retrospective of the the new Rhino reissues of The Replacements' Sire catalog. That's Tim, Pleased To Meet Me, Don't Tell A Soul and All Shook Down, for the uninitiated. New art (boo!), liner notes from Jesperson and the like (yeah!), along with some pertinent bonus tracks comprised of alternate takes, remixes, studio fuck-ups and the like. 

2. Reviews of tomorrow night and Tuesday's This Will Destroy You/Lymbyc System shows.

3. Review of the Opeth/High On Fire show on Thursday.

4. Review of the Pretenders/Hold Steady show at Sonar in Baltimore.

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