Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Psyched To Die - a clarification

So I just heard from Jay Insult and it turns out he is not the Jay in P.T.D. He is, however, a wealth of information about the P.T.D franchise. I'm sure you (both) re-read all my posts, including the comments, but in the event you missed it, here's the skinny:

Just for clarification's sake, I'm Jay Insult, but I'm not in Hunchback or Psyched To Die. I'm the Ergs' roadie (and have offered my services to PTD as well). The Jay in Hunchback and PTD is Jay Nixon AKA J Hunchback.

And Frump, who had nothing to do with NJ pop punk band Felix Frump, is Chris Frump, a veteran of the NJHC scene and ex-member of Fast Times, as well as one of the NJ punk scene's most prominent photographers.

My bad! Now that that's cleared up, go and buy the Psyched To Die demo and a t-shirt here

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