Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Live: Bowery Boy Blue @ Cake Shop 9.1.8

Bowery Boy Blue brought their rock (and in one case, a big ol' beard) to The Cake Shop last night.
The gents are supporting their new release Stalk That Myth on Space Photo records. Maybe you've read about on some of the hipper blogs.

It being the end of the holiday weekend, I though maybe the gents would be wanting for people in the room, but it was a pretty decent crowd for 11pm on a holiday Monday night. Doing the math, it ended up being kind of a hip room: a couple Vagina Panthers, a Grammy Award Winning mixer, and even the odd academian were in attendance and eating every one's favorite alliterative rock band up with the proverbial spoon.

Bowery Boy Blue has a heavy Neil Young influence. Most of it is in singer/guitarist Zeb Gould's voice, but the sympathetic backing borrows equally from Young's Crazy Horse and solo eras. The rest of the Bowery Boys tend to play the back, save for multi-instrumentalist Sam Crawford, who doubles on lap steel at some points. At their louder points, the band reminds me a lot of Centro-matic, which is never a bad thing. I like to see them push the louder end of the
envelope a bit more, but regardless of the volume Bowery Boy Blue are a band that we are going to hear a lot more of in the future. Look out for more dates in town soon. Midwestern kids should look for dates in Columbus and Bloomington towards the end of the month.

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