Saturday, September 6, 2008

Psyched To Die demo | R.I.P: The Ergs!

Brian posted on PopPunkBored that there was yet another Mikey Erg affiliated project afoot, this one called Psyched To Die. The band is sort of a Monsters Of NJ Pop-Punk franchise, with Jay Insult from Hunchback and Brian from For Science rounding out the recording line-up here. The P.T.D. Myspace notates the enigmatic (Felix?) Frump in the line-up on second guitar, as well. There are four songs on the demo. It's available on cd-r and and cassette for all you old schoolers and finds Jay and Mike splitting vocal duties, sometimes even in the same song. It's raw, but well-recorded (at Asbury Lanes, oddly enough). While they are a new band, P.T.D. have old school tendencies deeper than their name (a Deep Wound homage). They come off a little Flag-gy, with shouted vocals and pounding drums that will no doubt have the kids circle pitting all around New Jersey. With recent changes in The Ergs! world, I wonder if this may become a full-time proposition.

As I was accessing the Interwebs to get my journalistic ducks in a row about P.T.D., I came upon the first of many postings regarding The Ergs! formally announcing their break-up. There had been rumblings for a while, all of which were quickly dispelled, so I figured that given the huge amount of shows they had been playing it was all internet shit-talking. Evidently this is not so. It appears that Jeff is leaving the band. Check out the link HERE to get the word straight from the horse's mouth. They are still playing a bunch of shows before their demise, including the Dillinger Four record release party in Brooklyn on 10/14, before wrapping things up in the middle of November in their home state of New Jersey.  It appears there will be a final 7" release, as well. In the interim, get the DirtNap comp of odds and sods called Hindsight Is 20/20. It's allegedly to be released on Dirtnap, but I can't find any notice on their site. I'll keep you posted. 


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JayInsult said...

Just for clarification's sake, I'm Jay Insult, but I'm not in Hunchback or Psyched To Die. I'm the Ergs' roadie (and have offered my services to PTD as well). The Jay in Hunchback and PTD is Jay Nixon AKA J Hunchback.

And Frump, who had nothing to do with NJ pop punk band Felix Frump, is Chris Frump, a veteran of the NJHC scene and ex-member of Fast Times, as well as one of the NJ punk scene's most prominent photographers.