Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Live: This Will Destroy You with Lymbyc System @ Knit 9.17.8

So I had to work and missed going out to see this show at Union Pool on Monday night. In retrospect, really no great loss. I already had a ticket for the show at the Knit and I'm trying to get there as much as possible before it moves out to fucking Brooklyn like everything else in this town.

So that I might be as cranky as possible, the good folk of the Knit were nice enough to change the order around and make TWDY the headliner, so my arrival turned into a drive-by and prompted a spate of texts and calls to inform the troops, most of whom showed right as I left. At least they have their youth, I guess.

I arrived at the Knitting Factory multiplex and headed to the Tap Room to catch the end of Lymbyc System's set. They represent for the two-piece band end of things (bad idea) and evidently the Lollipop Guild as well. The boys are short and the sitting doesn't help when it comes to visual excitement. Vertical challenges aside, the music's good: the drummer can drum, keyboard leads not too irritating, pleasant absence of drama school reject on 'vocalizations' as per the norm on the Eastern Seaboard. All in all, a good time, plus Heath likes them, so they are probably better than the two decent songs I saw.

This Will Destroy You hit the stage pretty quickly, and hit most of the audience loading in. I personally was hit with every piece of the drum kit as it made it's way to the stage. Not to brag, or anything. After way too long of a soundcheck, the boys set to deafening the room. I enjoy a lot of the post-rock that kids like Explosions In The Sky purvey, but it's hardly the most fun in the world to watch. The quiet/loud with a six minute build-up can be spectacular if you're making the monster with two backs or cycling, but when it happens over and over, the redundencies do become that more obvious. I assume they will be moving to bigger rooms with more visual elements soon, but it was a little lacking on a Tap Room level.

This Will Destroy You and Lymbyc System are on tour for another week or so, then TWDY jump across the pond to party in Europe for most of October. Check out the dates and buy some stuff here.


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