Wednesday, September 3, 2008

R.I.P Steve Foley: 1960-2008

I'm real late in getting on this, but it's no less of a bummer, even more so that it pretty much nails the coffin lid on any sort of Mats reunion.

Steve Foley came in late in the Replacements game, but I probably saw more Mats shows with him than I did Chris. He chatted briefly with me and Scott Tienken outside the Palace Theatre in Albany back in my college days and seemed like a solid guy then and brief interactions at various Bash and Pop shows after that never really changed that notion. I always felt for him and Slim after the Mats hung it up. It must have been weird to see Tommy in Guns and Roses and have Paul writing songs for Sony cartoons. It was particularly heartbreaking to run into Slim at SXSW after he had resorted to sleeping in his car the night before. The night before I had grinned and taken a photo of his two rack mounted Marshall heads with the logos altered to say 'Mats' and 'Shall'.

Slim came off a total gem in All Over But The Shouting, but there wasn't so much in the way of insight about Foley save for the fact that he was a good guy and I believe actually lived across the street from Chris Mars during his tenure with the Mats. Evidently he had been working as a car salesman in recent years and had been sober for fifteen years. I read in a couple places that he was fighting anxiety issues and that sadly his death by overdose of prescription meds was actually an accident. It's a damn shame.

Even worse is that every fucking photo of the Mats that they have in the memorials is one with Chris in it, and most of the time Bob, too. Come on, assholes! Earn your fucking editorial gigs. The photo above is of the mighty Bash And Pop, the Tommy-led post-Replacements project that Steve also played in. Steve's holding the globe. 

Thanks for the good times, Steve!