Thursday, September 25, 2008

Live: The Unlovables @ Public Assembly 9.24.8

I'm not sure how I first heard of The Unlovables. It could have been the Ergs connection, as Mikey (of course) plays for The Unlovables, or maybe Dave Bierling. Either way, I got their records and enjoyed them a bunch. Of course, my falling for them coincided with Halley's joining the cast of Fuerzabruta and the band going up on blocks for a bit but I was able to catch them with The Copyrights towards the beginning of the summer at Cake Shop. If you are unaware, The Unlovables ply their trade in the Ramones-y punk rock that we've come to expect from Gotham Punk bands. The female vocals are a nice change of pace and Halley being a bit easy on the eyes does little to take away from the band's appeal.

This was the first show for The Unlovables in a bit, but you wouldn't have known it. They only played maybe 35 minutes, but they certainly made the most of it. It was a pretty good cross-section of songs from their two records: Let's Not Fight, If You Were Here and Dance Party For Two all made appearances, as did many of the usual punk rock scene suspects. Save for a broken string towards the end of the set, the set came off pretty seamlessly. That Fuerzabruta must be quite a workout, as Halllie is fucking ripped. There are veins in her arms like a weightlifter, although a particularly attractive weightlifter, truth be told. The bill also featured Lost Locker Combo and The Kung Fu Monkeys, who evidently were coming off a three-year hiatus. I'm sorry I missed them. Hopefully this is the first of many free shows at Public Assembly. It's nice the see the old Galapagos space having rock again and you can't beat the commute. This is the first of a bunch of good punk shows coming up soon, with The Monikers, Off With Their Heads, and Dead Mechanical all coming through in the next week or so. Check out the links for more info. See you in the pit!


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